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Hagerty Employee

For this professional classic car adventurer, going the distance is only half the fun

The Rush to Gold Bridge is not an event for the faint of heart. Over three days, participants and their classic cars face hundreds of miles of mixed tarmac and gravel in remote parts of British Columbia. The route is pre-planned, but conditions on the day of could present surprise challenges.


“I really hope the forest service road is passable this year,” says Dave Hord, “It’s a long detour around if it isn’t.”


As the event organizer, did he not perhaps think of checking things out the week before?


“I never pre-sweep the gravel sections for the Rush to Gold Bridge,” Dave says with a grin, “Where’s the adventure in that?”


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Those events look super fun and they're practically in my Seattle back yard! I wonder how my rattle trap Big Healey would do on the gravel? It's pretty low and scrapes the exhaust on most speed bumps. Hmm... 


It is disturbing that individuals take advantage of rule changes to make life easier for BC Citizens with complete disregard to the basic fact..... "Avoid unnecessary travel" That meads everyone planning and participating in this event. I hope the rural locals make that transgression obvious, you deserve no hospitality.



Hopefully you enjoyed yourself holed up in your garage this summer while everyone else including our premier enjoyed the outdoors while maintaining Covid protocols entirely the whole time