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For the love of a BMW Bavaria

I have eight cars insured with Hagerty—seven BMWs and the Lotus Europa—that comprise my not-a-collection. In these coronaviral times, when events are few and far between, I simply try and pleasure-drive them to keep them exercised. But there’s one of them that never ceases to surprise me, and that’s my 1973 BMW Bavaria ...


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When I was a student at Amherst College 50 years ago (close enough to 45 years), I can't recall any Bavarias on campus, and I have no idea what the chairman of the math dept. drove, but I do know that the head of the Classics Dept. John Moore, drove an old red boxy Triumph Herald convertible coupe, which was definitely a cool car. We did have some other cool cars there; in my fraternity lived one of our football players, Jean Fugett (who later went on to play for the Steelers), and who drove a brand-new lime green Porsche 911T, acquired god-knows-how. The coolest car had to be the fly-yellow Ferrari 275 GTB/2 shortnose, owned by Reeves Calloway (of Calloway turbo Corvette fame), who attended there for a year or two before dropping out to get into the automotive boost business. These days, I assume the students all drive Priuses, or ride bicycles…