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Floodwaters wipe out Michigan’s Fieros Forever

When Tim Evans decided to liquidate Fieros Forever, he didn’t mean it literally. Then came days of heavy rain, the nearby Sanford Dam was breached, and the Tittabawassee River roared through tiny Sanford, Michigan, leaving a flood of destruction in its wake. Evans’ shop and a small museum that he created—both devoted to the 1984–88 Pontiac Fiero—were destroyed.


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Please consider contributing to Fieros Forever Flood Relief at GoFundMe, set up by the owners daughters to assist owners Tim and Linda. Any help is appreciated.


There's no accounting for taste... this is a tragedy for these poor folks and I'm genuinely sorry. However, count me out on a "go fund me" to support a real mediocre automobile... I was in the car business at one point and I thought the driving dynamic of these cars was horrible... and I love Pontiacs including my '78 Trans Am....


The go fund me has nothing to do with the brand of car, good excuse though for not helping someone out who just lost everything at 73. I'm sure the account would be to clean things up that insurance won't cover not to make a profit.