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Flirting with a 1995 Mercedes SL500 on Craigslist

If you’re like me—and really, I hope you’re not, but we all know that deep down you are—you’re always looking for the next car. Fingers reflexively type certain things into Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Some of them are impossibly hopeful things like “E-Type.” Some are masochistic things like “Lotus Elan,” “Triumph GT6,” and “TVR.” But mostly I stay within my BMW-related wheelhouse, as the knowledge that’s accumulated from nearly four decades of familiarity with a marque or model translates into a huge amount of risk reduction at purchase time ... Read the full column on


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Rob, while I admire your willingness to stray outside the Bimmer box, I believe a $2800 '95 Benz (or a $2800 '95 7 series, for that matter) is, at a minimum, really a $6K to $7K Benz before registration and tag.  On the other hand, a $2800 Miata . . .

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