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Hagerty Employee

Flea markets, family car photos, and the tragedy of the fire-scorched Lloyd Alexander | Hagerty Media

Lots of restaurants lately are touting farm-to-table dining. Flea markets are more my speed, because they're a pipeline for heap-to-home. My home. For one, I appreciate that such a venue eliminates the role of the middleman. It's simply haggle, agree, and part ways.
Intermediate Driver

Very enjoyable. I also will pick out any old photos that have vehicles in them (and road construction equipment since I work for a DOT).

Brilliant! I loved your commentary on these odd photos. The Lada advert is a great coda, given a) what a basic, lousy car it was and b) how inexpressibly better a car it was, nonetheless, than a 2-stroke Lloyd. But boarding school? Not so much in Germany...
Intermediate Driver

Totally agree on the Lada over Lloyd comment! I chatted to a few oldtimers here in Germany and they told me boarding school, particularly to learn English, wasn't all too uncommon.
Intermediate Driver

Not Lada; Zastava, it's south (Yugo) Slav cousin.  Both were based on FIATs....

Pit Crew

Can relate to these stories, was stationed in Berlin 69-70, first I owned a 55 VW Beetle and then I bought a 1956 356 Porsche Speedster for $500(2000DM in those days). had a few similar experiences and wish I still had both of those cars. The 356 I shipped home and blew the engine racing a Jaguar on the NYS Thruway, nice that he was able to relate those stories after all this time.

contest: given same pic - arrange in any order wished "What story can U tell?"
winner gets original pic mailed out to them...

April 15, 1967: Love that look!
Intermediate Driver

very creative !

Delightful and sad at the same time that this collection means more to Mathew than the family depicted in them....Unless they were separated inadvertently.
Intermediate Driver

That is kinda sad! This should be a family treasure. I tried to find the car and the family but ran into a dead end. I would absolutely love to hand these photos back over to the decedents of these folks. They came from a huge box of photos that probably came from an estate sale.
Intermediate Driver

Certainly a treasure trove!
Pit Crew

Delightful poetic license! A tale, handsomely spun . . .

There was an actual Lloyd importer in the US (Lloyd was a product of Borgward, which was much better known in the US--and a better built car), and they were based in Ft Lauderdale,with cars coming in to Port Everglades. They must have sold a fair number in South Florida, at least for awhile, because they started springing up in backyards, on blocks, and junkyards all over Florida's lower East Coast.

The last one I saw was in an Ohio junkyard around 1971-72. I snagged the wheels and tires off it for my Fiat Topolino. The tires (4.25/15) fit but the wheels, although appearing identical (2.5j x 15) wouldn't fit the Fiat. I think the Lloyd's wheels are 4 x 100 mm bolt pattern and the Fiat's, 4.x 98. mm.. Still have those Lloyd wheels...

A good lie generally beats the truth. Well done!