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Fix the Pontiac Aztek? | Chip Foose Draws a Car - Ep. 11


We took your feedback and made this happen. Chip Foose can tackle any flawed design and improve it, and the Pontiac Aztek was universally ridiculed for good reason. The original concept car from 1999 certainly had merit, but all the intended energy and presence went down the drain when the concept met the "hard points" of GM's U-body minivan platform.  A cool Pontiac SUV based on a Pontiac Montana?  Good luck with that: The end result was offensive to most eyes, ill-proportioned, and its plastic clad body was so ungainly that a mid-cycle exterior refresh happened in the second year of production ... nearly unheard of in the car design business.


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Foose is a talented genius. I dislike crossover intensely but this one looks fun.


Pontiacs should be fun. (and should still exist, but that is another matter).


OEM's need to hire him and actually build what he draws. Granted that is true for many designers they already have.