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Fix the Pontiac Aztek? | Chip Foose Draws a Car - Ep. 11


We took your feedback and made this happen. Chip Foose can tackle any flawed design and improve it, and the Pontiac Aztek was universally ridiculed for good reason. The original concept car from 1999 certainly had merit, but all the intended energy and presence went down the drain when the concept met the "hard points" of GM's U-body minivan platform.  A cool Pontiac SUV based on a Pontiac Montana?  Good luck with that: The end result was offensive to most eyes, ill-proportioned, and its plastic clad body was so ungainly that a mid-cycle exterior refresh happened in the second year of production ... nearly unheard of in the car design business.


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Replies (4)

Replies (4)

I am a big Pontiac fan.  Nonetheless, I think the best way to fix a Pontiac Aztek is with careful application of explosives.

Pit Crew

What Chip did not explain was the rear window.  The original has a post from the roof line to the very back of the Azteck.  Not the one just behind the rear door but, further behind it. (A "D pillar"?)  On Chip's drawing the rear window goes from one side of the car, around the rear and then to the other side; roof to belt line.  That would be one big, heavy and probably expensive rear window.  Just sayin'

Pit Crew

Foose is a talented genius. I dislike crossover intensely but this one looks fun.


Pontiacs should be fun. (and should still exist, but that is another matter).


OEM's need to hire him and actually build what he draws. Granted that is true for many designers they already have.


KUDOS to Chip for taking a shot at the Aztec, as he did with the Pacer. I think he has improved the Aztec (Not too hard!) and gotten to look like a smaller version of the current Explorer. Maybe its the tail fin? Also maybe a bit of the current LR Discovery too. Either way, both of those vehicles are a ton better looking than the Aztec, so its an improvement! I am happy that Chip also avoided his sometimes obsession with smashing the designs too low. This one looks the right height.

New Driver