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Hagerty Employee

Fisker looks to change the tide, Mazda taps Toyota's hybrid braintrust, Hyundai's hefty EV concept

Intake: Fisker-led by the namesake designer but separate from Karma, which is the brand that now makes the GS-6 (née Fisker Karma)-just revealed an all-new, all-electric SUV called the Ocean. The new ute boasts four trims, the cheapest trim, the Ocean Sport, will begin at just $37,499, while the upper trims, Ocean Ultra and Ocean Extreme, will start at $49,999 and $68,999, respectively.

“The interior is full of vegan leather and recycled materials including reclaimed fishnets, old t-shirts, and recycled rubber.” Almost describes what might have been in the back seat of the car I had in college.


Fishnets as in stockings? Your college exploits were more exciting than mine.
Pit Crew

Fisker Ocean... some American Torq Thrust wheels would help the looks of that.
Pit Crew

Hyundy Seven... I would accept slightly reduced range if I could get stow-n-go seating.

As a Supra owner I laugh at that dealer and what they are asking. But hey, if they sell it near that, maybe it's good for me someday.

Perhaps you mean the Supra is being offered at $1,000 per pony.

I realze this is a bit off topic, but seeing the article about Ford inking a deal with a chip supplier got me wondering about the recent chip shortages and reading about how manufacturers are dropping some features like heated seats and steering wheels for now. (Just a few molnths back Car and Driver had an article on how these features might be turned on via paid subscription.) Anyway, have what I cannot help but wonder have we reached the point where you need a computer to heat or ventilate a seat or heat a steering wheel? It seems to me that toasters and fans worked just fine without mircoprocessors for quite some time. Maybe these engineers are overthinking the problem? Wasn't there an article here on Haggarty about someone misadventures with a heated seat in an old Studebaker?

I believe that modern heated seats and heated steering wheels are monitored by a small microprocessor for excess heat and/or power draw. Perhaps it’s part of a safety regulation?

The cars today are using more electronics than some homes used 50 years ago. The computer is much more advanced than the space shuttle used. But yet they are functioning on 12 volts. 

They at one time we’re going to add more than one battery or more bolts but other than a couple cars they chose to remain with a 12 volt system. 

I am not sure if you have experienced this but should your battery begin to fail the body control module in most vehicles will begin to control and shut  down systems in the vehicle and Chanel power to specific parts to keep the car running. 

I had car with a battery that was failing. I jumped started it and told my wife to take it home. As she drove the HVAC shut down. Next the radio shut down. Next the dash and speedometer shut down. The power was all sent to keep the car running and power steering working. 

You can be sure the power seats and heated wheel was already disabled. 

That was 04 you can be sure todays cars with the more advanced electrical architecture is even more advanced. 

Chips and processors are key to all this power management. 

Note too these systems while helping keep the cars on 12 volts also will make them more efficient when they go all electric. This way power will be managed efficiently and not cut into the range as much or in cold weather it will be more effectively used. 

There is a lot more going in than many realize anymore.