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Hagerty Employee

First Look Review: 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL R-Line

In North America at least, the Tiguan is the Volkswagen of the modern era. The Golf might still be an icon in Europe, but on these shores it's not even sold in base form anymore, leaving just the GTI and Golf R. This shift, of course, has been in progress for a while.
Intermediate Driver

184hp from a modern direct injected 2L Turbo is embarrassing. You have to really be trying to be this bad. In 2009, the same engine in the Tig made 197hp. Inside touch capacitive everything is a huge miss and a step backwards.

You can’t compare a vehicle built 12 years ago with one built this year. You have to keep in mind that manufacturers are constantly under pressure to make their vehicles more fuel efficient and less polluting. One solution is to reduce the power that the engine makes. Remember the massive V8 engines in the early 80’s that were severely de-tuned and struggled to make 120HP in order to meet the new emission laws? Same idea.

As far as capacitive touch screens being a miss, how many people have that same technology on their phone or tablet? Auto makers are just trying to take the familiar operation of those devices and incorporate it into your car. My guess is more people like it than hate it simply because it is familiar. When you build cars for the masses you have to consider the “wants” of many, not the “wishes” of a few.

Hard to believe those designers that come up with the so called touch controls on dashboard don't find those controls annoying if they actually drive the vehicles. Both new GTI and this top trim are prime examples of why real drivers should design vehicles, not just studio artists.