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Hagerty Employee

First Look Review: 2022 Volkswagen Golf R, GTI, and GLI

Like most car companies, Volkswagen of America sells SUVs. A lot of SUVs. VW moves more SUVs in this country than it does ordinary passenger cars, but unlike with most car companies, this is a relatively new development.

That’s an interesting marketing strategy from VW PR. We are right, you customers are wrong. If their screens are so easy to use, why not get rid of that outdated old school turn signal stalk and put it in a screen? And put the horn button in a screen while you’re at it.
Advanced Driver

"We are right, you customers are wrong" That's not a uncommon sentiment in another car maker I used to work for
Intermediate Driver

"Volkswagen PR people will tell you that you are being a little drastic if you don’t like how the inside of this car works, or find it difficult. To that, I say, try driving up a North Carolina mountain with the windows open on a chilly day and attempting to increase the heater fan speed—not the temperature..."

The author is raising a point that sticks in my craw as well. From my perspective, if you cannot adjust the temperature, fan speed, turn on front/rear defoggers, turn on emergncy flashers, raise/lower audo volume or turn audio off, or change radio stations by touch only, the controls are a fail. I don't know when luxury came to mean lots of confusing controls.

I'm beginning to feel the best new car is a good used one.
Intermediate Driver

Really dislike the Mk8 GTI. Its frumpy face and touch capacitive everything controls are a huge miss. Not to mentioned the powertrain is a carry over if you optioned the power pack on the Mk7.5. I would buy a used MK 7.5 GTI personally. Hate what VW has done. A step backwards for the GTI

Can't stand the Mk8 interiors. I'd take the Jetta just because it still has knobs and buttons.
Pit Crew

I hate Stop/Start technology. I would pay $1800 dollars above sticker for a "GEEZER" package. Dimmer switch on the floor. High/Low beam indicator in RED. A 4 speed wiper control ON THE DASH. Simple little things. But, hey, at 73, who really cares about my thoughts anymore? As far as car companies' are concerned I am a "dead-man-walking." Boost the engine to 400 hp and I will commit.
Pit Crew

Great, complete overview of each of these cars; well written... Thanks!
I wish that most reviews would be written in this style.

I will not deliver my standard anti-VW rant and how did nobody go to prison over their diesel gate FRAUD and how I will never spend a penny on any of their brands so help me gawd. Instead I will simply say that I am pleased that the largest automaker in the world is ACTUALLY STILL MAKING CARS. Different cars too, not just one model (yes, I am talking about you Ford). That being said, the cult that drools over these whips simply doesn't care how much the car costs, it is worth every penny to them, and that is fine. But, if you do have $45-50k to drop on a bavarian creampuff, there are some great 2002-2004 RS6 on BaT that would probably get your attention, just sayin'

No thanks VW…I’ll keep my 17 GTI Sport, and it will be my last, since you’re going all electric.