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Hagerty Employee

First Look Review: 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range

The word "lucid" refers the quality of clarity or easy comprehension. It seems the perfect name for a company so plainly conceived to take on Tesla, which has during its brief history been neither easy to understand nor famous for its clear thinking.

I wonder how much " array of LED headlights fixed in a massive and inordinately complex single-piece plastic molding..." will cost to repair? Or will apex consumers care?

I dont think the people who will buy this care care about that. But, and more relevant to the cost of a damaged light array is the insurance cost. The car owner has his deductible, let's see what happens with rates. I guess if you buy a 150k car, it is what it is. Great write up as usual and an awesome car. Let the technology trickle down!
New Driver

I spent 4 days testing the Lucid, and agree with Aaron. I was skeptical, but this is a very impressive vehicle! While expensive, it takes EV technology to the next level and will be the new benchmark.
New Driver

I spent 40 seconds trying to bend my head low enough to get into one on display at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Klatu, barada nicto!

Flashman brings up the point I was going to make, and thank you, Aaron. Well done.
The car is restrained, in beautiful taste, and has range and speed. The realities confronting both the dealers and the owners are the ones that confront every owner of a car; that is, if
for some reason the thing falls down somewhere out of range of the dealer, how is it to be fixed? And to refer to Flashman what happens if some idiot hits the car? Are body parts readily available? Is the car impossible to fix? Teslas have a slowly acquired reputation for
crashing and burning. I'm sure a lot of that occurance has to do with irresponsible owners
but the fact remains. And Insurance Companies, other than Hagerty which is excellent, are
notorious thieves. I'd be interested to see what they would charge to cover this car and others like it. And yes, American manufacterers are stultified and the whole industry needs to be upended.
All Hagerties stay well.
Intermediate Driver

Thanks for an informative (was gonna say lucid) writeup, Aaron! One of these will never be in range of my wallet, but I am excited to see another brash startup (look out Tesla). I agree with MustangJim - let the tech trickle... The future gets interestinger and interestinger...

This will do well because it is newer and more interesting than a Tesla S.

But it will be limited by price and being a car.

With the number of EV models coming in the next few years these high priced new brand cars will see limited growth. Buyers will default to the lower CUV models and or cars with names like Porsche.

Another yeoman's job by Aaron Robinson, but must second, or third, Flashman's and Maestro1's observations. The cost of crunches to such bolides will trickle down to all our insurance premiums.

Not totally sure that what happens to some people has a direct effect on all people. I own a Cadillac STS, and as a result of a brief ride in my car, my cousin in Los Angeles also purchased one. She pays $975.00 every six months for insurance while I am billed $480.00. We are four years apart in age and we have no driving infractions. I, however, reside in the Mojave Desert. The cost of insurance is dictated by location more than "crunches."

The horn should play Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity"....

This is a lease car for very rich people. No one else can afford it. It looks better on the inside than a Tesla does in terms of interior quality. I hate that it has nothing but a touchpad to get to things. So you have to take your eyes off the road to stare at a giant tablet. Any car where the physical controls are gone is off my list.
New Driver

i hope that range holds up at high speeds