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Hagerty Employee

First Look Review: 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

I did not want to write these words. What I wanted to do instead was sit down with a pen and a cocktail napkin and draw you a cartoon of an exploding human head. Over this image I would scrawl the letters CT5-V BLACKWING.
Pit Crew

How are there no comments here? A perfect review for a perfectly imperfect car. Build something no one wants or needs for the sole purpose of building it...I guess at least one person wants! Just how can I afford it now?!

The last of the interesting Cadillac's for me. I wish it was still called a CTS-V instead of having the model number for a fax machine. This blackwing thing makes no since considering the blackwing engine is dead.
Intermediate Driver

After a lot of research I bought a new '06 black on black CTS-V and have not regretted it once. (oops!  the differential was, is and always will be trash). In 2008 the next generational change took place and I haven't liked the car very much since.  I liked the technical upgrades such as the suspension and chassis changes and the Recaro seats but car began to look bulky and there was too much HP for me.  I lived in N. central Maryland for some years near Gettysburg and anyone spending time there knows the region is heavily veined with perfect driving roads - Appalachian  mountains and valleys, near perfect pavement and not a lot of traffic or the attention of law enforcement.   My CTS-V and I wore out 2 sets of Michelins and a set of Goodyear run-flats on those roads with glee.  The CT5 -V in this "first look" is the best looking replacement for my '06 I have seen from Cadillac and if I didn't have to have a V-8 maybe the CT4-V.  This great "first look" has made me think again about cash and how to deal with my wife without divorce, but then, I remembered.....   I moved to Western New York, and the opportunities for fun driving are much more limited now.     But Sam, your first look was enough to make me think about it anyway and I hope you do follow up with a complete review.  Next time see if you can get a black one.   I'll read every word.   I'm really going to miss these cars.


BRAVO!!! My front-drive burnouts in a '76 Bicentennial Eldo droptop with a 500 Cubic inch big block monster PALES in comparison to a hotlap in a Blackwing!!! Where's MY test drive??! lol