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Hagerty Employee

First Look Review: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD

As of 2020, Volkswagen is the second-largest car company in the world by volume, only a tick behind Toyota. That standing represents more than nine million vehicles sold globally every year, but also 650,000 employees, 12 brands, and more than 118 manufacturing plants around the world.

"'We build these cars for our discerning customers in the United States,' a VW chief operating officer said"

TRANSLATION: "We build fat cars for fat Americans."

This thing is as long as a Toyota RAV4, yet weighs 1000 pounds more! It’s disgusting that there are tax credits for this pig.
Advanced Driver

I may be crazy, but I'm convinced that you did not like this car.
It's cool to be around during a "paradigm shift"; at the same time, continuously disappointing. Things will improve, but for now there's a similarity to the "gotta be a pony in here somewhere" jive.
Intermediate Driver

No interest in the I.D.4 but came here for Sam's writing. Was surprised it's buggy and hard to use touch capacitive controls inside were not mentioned. New VW products in NA are so cheaply built and thrill less to drive I could never recommend one. I.D.4 is no different. Looks okay on paper, but fails in execution