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Hagerty Employee

First Look Review: 2021 Porsche 911 GTS

After driving through dozens of sharp corners and gut-wrenching elevation changes, encountering a mountain vista has a way of settling the mind. We found that respite high in the hills of North Georgia, looking over the White Oak Stamp Gap at the hazy blue of the Appalachians. No cell service.
Pit Crew

I'll take 2 new Corvettes, and pocket the rest. Duh!
Advanced Driver

Did Porsche find the possibility of a source of automotive news that wasn't beholden to their pool of loaners to represent an unreasonable risk? Yawn.

It never ceases to amaze that 1 car - albeit with 27 different iterations - can still continue its upward price clime and nobody blinks an eye. It's amazing really.
Hagerty Employee

I blinked several eyes! As I pointed out, it's notably surpassed rate of inflation. The day before I drove the GTS I drove a relatively lightly equipped base car totaling $116,540. These are by no means cars meant for the masses. I was told that the median income for a GTS owner is around $700,000.

Advanced Driver

Do you also write under the Lawrence Ulrich pseudonym? I was told that Hagerty would be different.
Pit Crew

I've been reading Hagerty reviews regularly for about a year now (new insurance customer), and so far the only way I notice Hagerty is different is in the frequently hostile comments to the articles.

The current Corvette is not to my personal taste, but that doesn't mean I feel compelled to bash it (or the routine practice of manufacturers providing loaner cars to journalists). I also don't find it upsetting--or even a little bit surprising--that this article on the GTS expresses opinions similar to one in autoblog or a dozen other sites. It's not a conspiracy, it's just a common opinion.

In addition, articles like this are helpful to get a sense of model ranges, option packages and general impressions from folks who drive a lot of cars and are good at communicating their thoughts. Whether a particular car is ultimately worth the outlay of hard-earned cash, though, is IMO an entirely personal decision that is best not made based on somebody else's opinion anyway.

And finally, since this article is more straightforward, complete and well written than many such reviews, it's hard to understand what all the ire is about.
Hagerty Employee


No. Lawrence is an entirely different person. And we both use our real names. The reason you see the same cars on the same roads with many of the same photos is that Porsche hosted two writers at a time, in waves of 2 days apiece, over the course of about a month, to test these cars. They are at the moment the only examples of the new GTS in the U.S., so we took the opportunity when offered. I understand why seeing the same factual tidbits may raise a red flag, but to me at least these stories read rather differently, even if we both liked the car.

It's still weird to me to have a 911 with a turbo that isn't called the 911 Turbo to be followed by another 911 with a turbo called the 911 Turbo. What's the point of the Turbo moniker anymore? Either way great cars but they have rapidly moved upward in price. Also you can easily go 50% or more in price in options, it's just insanity.