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Hagerty Employee

First-look Review: 2021 Ford Bronco | Hagerty Media

Ford's revival of the Bronco nameplate is complicated. On one hand, this new product needs to meet the standard set by the Wrangler as an all-capable, warranty-backed off-road rig. On the other, perhaps weighing more heavily, we have the expectations of the Bronco legacy and its generations of impact on buyers.
New Driver

One of the advantages of a Wrangler is it can be flat towed with the automatic trans behind a motorhome. Bronco?
Pit Crew

Why is there no mention of the three cylinder engine in this article?

Sometimes new designs look better "in person" than in print. NOT so in this case! I live part time in Big Bear Lake, Cali, The home of jeeping!!! When I first saw the new Bronco I was surprised at how small and cheap it looks! It is a completely uninteresting design despite any off-road bona fides..

Sounds like all the right features are in place to play hard offroad. It is a pity they went wider than the Wrangler, as width is not a benefit on most trails. I went from a JK back to a TJ in part because the JK was just too big offroad.