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Hagerty Employee

Finally, the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup is here | Hagerty Media

After teasing us first with an extended-cab concept and then crew-cab test mules, years after its original 2015 Detroit show concept debut, the Santa Cruz pickup has arrived at long last. Hyundai is calling its new Santa Cruz a "Sport Adventure Vehicle", touting the unique blend of crossover and pickup as a more nimble alternative to the typical midsize truck.
Intermediate Driver

That thing looks sweet. I'm an urbanite who used to keep an old regular cab, longbox F-150 around for truck stuff until it rusted out. The Santa Cruz wouldn't be useful for hauling couches or lumber, but it could do 90% of the stuff I used my truck for without needing another parking spot and insurance policy.
Intermediate Driver

Reminds me of a Subaru Brat.
Tiny truck, tiny 2 person cab, tiny, almost useless bed.
4WD made it a good fallen-tree scavenger:
Load a chain saw. Drive through the woods on snow mobile (or no mobile) paths. Cut dead tree trunks into 18” lengths, and haul them back to camp.
Bought used, old, and cheap, never worried about dents and scratches ... or getting stuck.
Dang, that was fun!

Little too ridgeliney for me, I like the Ford Maverick better, front and back are great but middle is generic crossover, still looks pretty good. I like this segment, hope to see a Renegade Scrambler with a manual and multiair.
Advanced Driver

Yeah, all I could think was this looks like a baby Ridgeline. A 4' bed seems a tad on the too small side to be useful, that mountain bike picture looks like it'd be hard to fit another bike in there hanging over the tailgate. For a vehicle targeting outdoor activity, hopefully they have a decent roof rack solution as the bed looks not quite big enough for lots of normal outdoorsy things (more than one bike, skis/snowboards, surf boards, etc).

I presume the Maverick will have similar pricing but a slightly larger bed. Should be good for Ford. Hopefully the small truck market is ready, seems at least these two are coming for it!
Advanced Driver

It's not what I would call a Pickup. More like an open bed SUV. My old Jetta has more trunk room than the bed on this.

I hope the Santa Cruz and the Maverick are successful and the other manufacturers join in and expand this segment. But why does every damn vehicle have to have four doors these days? 

New Driver

AS one who has owned pickup trucks since the early 70's this is NOT a pickup truck! I'm not sure what it is but I what it is not.