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Hagerty Employee

Final assembly on our 1957 Cadillac 365 | Redline Update #77 | Hagerty Media

The 365 Cadillac is quickly becoming less of a mess of parts on a table and more of a tidy beautiful blue engine. The process is not a game of simply fitting parts and tightening bolts, however.
Intermediate Driver

I know you don't have to adjust the lifters with the cadillac set up , but say on a small block chevy , I watched a guy adjust the lifter push rods ,He said it doesn't matter where you start as to where the cam is . You go around in line and take all the slack out of each rocker , rotate engine 90 degrees and repeat by adjusting any loose rockers . Rotate 90 degrees again and repeat . 90 degrees and repeat . only adjust the rockers that the push rod has verticle play . He said this works on any engine with hydraulic lifters . then turn down each adusting nut on the rockers 1/2 to 3/4 turn and you are done . Have you ever did it this way ? Thanks , Bob
Intermediate Driver

As usual very informative and well done. Look forward too the next video on the engine stand. More how to videos please.