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“Fiero Jon” is the Pontiac mid-engine maestro

"Fiero Jon" is the Pontiac superhero identity of Jon Miller. His recently expanded, 10-bay auto service shop, Jon Miller Car Care Center, usually has a few Fieros parked outside among the modern Chevys, Hondas, Fords, Nissans, Ram pickups and many others. None of those would be there, however, if not for the Fieros.


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I worked as a Tech at a Pontiac store when the Fiero debuted. We sold them for well over MSRP. One of our customers Fiero never made it home. She was broadsided by a Cadillac and rolled a few times. She got out of the car without a scratch. She quickly bought another. I remember the lifter bore problem and swung quite a few of those engines. As a Pontiac Service Craftsman Guild member we all received the MPC Fiero model. I still have mine in the unwrapped box.