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Hagerty Employee

“Fiero Jon” is the Pontiac mid-engine maestro

"Fiero Jon" is the Pontiac superhero identity of Jon Miller. His recently expanded, 10-bay auto service shop, Jon Miller Car Care Center, usually has a few Fieros parked outside among the modern Chevys, Hondas, Fords, Nissans, Ram pickups and many others. None of those would be there, however, if not for the Fieros.


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I drove a Fiero to the Navy Recruiters office, Every Duty Station I ever served at, College all the way to graduation, to get my Retired Military ID, took my wife on our first date in it, to the first home I ever owned, and I have Photos of it at what is now my second home back when it was Dad's place. That was all with ONE car! I really don't get the bad reputation that these cars have, I now own a Scion xA with 225,000 miles on it and until recently it was still the second most reliable car I ever owned, miles to repairs, behind the Fiero. If I hadn't been rear ended by a kid in a Festiva I would probably still be driving that Fiero. Of all the cars I have ever owned it is the only one that I have a framed photo of on the shelf with the Family photos, and it is alone in the photo.

New Driver

I worked as a Tech at a Pontiac store when the Fiero debuted. We sold them for well over MSRP. One of our customers Fiero never made it home. She was broadsided by a Cadillac and rolled a few times. She got out of the car without a scratch. She quickly bought another. I remember the lifter bore problem and swung quite a few of those engines. As a Pontiac Service Craftsman Guild member we all received the MPC Fiero model. I still have mine in the unwrapped box.  


I always liked the look of the Standard car over the GT. Such a good looking compact design. I'm 6'3 so the sunroof models are out, takes away head room. I almost bought a white 1988 4 cyl. car in 1995 for $3000.00 but the Salesman was being a douche over $100.00 So I walked. Wish I bought it. lol.

Pit Crew

I read"with detachable plastic body panels".  That's what I wanted when I bought my 1985 Fiero GT so that I could take them all off and rustproof the heck out of the space frame.  But no, they are glued together.  They are about as "detachable" as the panels on a corvette (and they aren't of course).  So I drove the car through 14 years and 160,000 miles of Michigan winters - and the engine cradle, sunroof support structure,  brake and fuel lines all rusted pretty badly.  Can't complain.  A Camaro or Firebird would have rusted out much faster.  Sold it.  Then drove a Chevy lumina van (with plastic panels of course). 

New Driver

Ahh finally the Fiero gets some accolades! I have an 87 gt that I have put way too much money into but I don't care, when I take the car into a curve going way too fast it handles so predictably that I never fear. Any time someone wants to make fun of my car or tell me I better have a fire extinguisher I always say follow me into some curves.... The 2.8 is under powered but with a cam flat top pistons bigger valves and 17 pound injectors it comes alive. I wish G.M. would do a redesign on the Fiero....I think with a proper budget it would be a hit.


Our 84 was ordered in November of 83 and delivery was in early 84. It now has 65000 miles and gets driven for 2 months during the warmer months. A fun car to drive, but it's getting a little hard to get in and out of.