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Hagerty Employee

Ferry Porsche’s Jaguar is up for auction (yes, we said Ferry Porsche’s Jaguar)

This car comes with an odd story, a fascinating mystery. Not the model, which is relatively ordinary, but the questions behind its original purchase. A 1976 Jaguar XJ6 formally owned by Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche is up for auction. You read that correctly: Ferry Porsche drove a Jag.


Beyond the obvious question (why a Jaguar?), what made the XJ6 appealing to the former Porsche boss? Since Porsche didn’t make a four-door sedan, did Ferry want something roomier? We don’t have a clue. One thing is certain: The man could buy whatever he wanted, and he bought an XJ6, so clearly he appreciated it.


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Advanced Driver

A non-running, rusty XJ6 3.4 for over $300? Who says there is no Ferry Porsche premium in evidence?