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Hagerty Employee

Ferrari's Purosangue pseudo-SUV dons production bodywork for the first time

We've already observed Ferrari's upcoming pseudo-SUV, the Purosangue (translation: "Pureblood") racing around the track in Maserati drag. The existence of such an, erm, aspirational Horse has been in the works for several years, but now, for the first time, we've caught a glimpse of a prototype wearing production-spec bodywork.
Pit Crew

Enough with the SUVs, FUVs or whatever. "Utility" does not describe any of the above mentioned vehicles. Can you imagine a bag of cement or topsoil or a load of firewood despoiling the luxurious interiors. Stick to building interesting cars and leave the 'truck' biz to the pros...
Pit Crew

I really do not want to criticize Ferrari too harshly, but they should have developed the inflatable tent to extend out the back instead of around the car. Even Pontiac figured this out.

I can't fathom my a company that built its legend on being unique would work this hard at blending in with everyone else.

"why", not "my".
Advanced Driver

you may want to learn how to 'Edit'
your post after it goes up ... (see the
3 little 'dots' on the far R margin..?)

Ah. It's in a couple of layers deep, but you're right. Learned something new , thanks
New Driver

Should making a Ferrari SUV be a hanging offense?
Intermediate Driver

I hear that all eight cup holders will be carbon fibre, and sized for a twenty ounce slurpee.
New Driver

Ferrari FUV? Now there's an oxymoron...
Intermediate Driver

So sad economics hits even Ferrari ? Do soccer Mom's want one?
Pit Crew

Now do the Ferrari version of the Pacer with no window tint.
All cynicism aside, it was only a matter of time before they jumped into the SUV market.

Further proof that the world as we've known it is shortly coming to an end.
Strangely Corvette has never been slapped on a four door, or truck, or any other piece of monstrosity. I'm thinking people like these tall things because it allows them to get their overweight frames in easily. If these things could be banned from the passing lane that would be a start.

Sorry, trust fund breeders, but as with the "Porsche" Cayenne, "Bentley" Bentayga, "Jaguar" E/F-Pace, "Maserati" Levante and so much other me-too dreck, you can't "have it all."

Regardless your coin--and let's not consider how you got same -- adult life is about decisions.
Should we really have another child, let alone any at all, as well a mobile menagerie, automatic transmission, cupholders for every seat, cameras, buttwarmers, power windows? The above nonsense is but pricey continuation of the domestic four-door short bed "sport" pick up.

Discerning autoholics with taste, understatement, decades ago shook their heads with bemusement, if not disgust, at the oxymoron of "sport utility vehicle."

Some of us still like c a r s.

To think buyers of 1952-on Bentley Continentals were encouraged to forego radio to save weight.

When did GMC and RAM start building 2 door coupes? Ferrari... Take note.

HAHA big money collectors. I'm sure that there are those that are stupid enough to pay huge money for this "piece" because of the brand. Come on car guys, THINK!
New Driver

How bloody boring! Someone driving one of these immediately falls into the more-money-than-brains category.

They’ll sell like hotcakes to those who can afford them. Has Ferrari sold out?….maybe….but they’re making a good business decision. Perhaps it will dilute the brand name somewhat but the Ferrari missteps of the past haven’t seemed to diminish their desirability.

Ask yourself if you think any less of a Porsche 911 because of their entrance into the SUV market.

They’re diversifying their portfolio like everyone with some smarts.

I have a friend who has purchased a few new Ferraris. He has plenty of excess capital. Ferrari called him a few months ago unsolicited asking if he would buy a car that wasn’t reserved. He hasn’t purchased enough of their cars to warrant the Ferrari nod but apparently they needed to sell it. It’s being built now. Perhaps they’re in need of money…and the _UV is the way of things at the moment.

I don't think less of the 911, but I think a bit less of the Porsche brand.
New Driver

Just another look-alike box on wheels for people who think they need a stupid ride to match the ugly boxes other lemmings buy.
Intermediate Driver

Nice to know that even Ferrari can build a minivan. Wonder if it comes complete with captains chairs?
Intermediate Driver

The bean counters are on drugs. I would not waste my time looking at this junk.
However I am all about American vehicles.
Not many foreign types earn my interest.

So it's more of one of the small to mid size crossover vehicles rather than a true SUV. More akin to my wife's Escape than a Jeep Grand Cherokee... Got to admit that one reason for buying the Escape (over an Edge) was the sporty handling and "go" of the Ecoboost engine.

The prototype is clearly being developed for off-road use. The tires are dirty.
The relatively few who own automobiles of this caliber will buy the car. They will drive it from the main house to the heated garage which houses their other Ferrari(s); drivers and investment grade machines.
Intermediate Driver

We live in a capitalist economy. Many Americans are proud of that, and are willing to put their lives on the line to defend it. In a capitalist economy a decision is made based on the probability of it being financially fruitful. The businesses that make marketing decisions based on art or principle alone are often called failures.
Intermediate Driver

I see all the "Enzo rolling in his grave" comments, and I take the posters' points. But I recall when, more than a few years back, Porsche made so much money selling Cayennes that they attempted to buy all of VW. That they failed doesn't change the fact that it hoovered a lot of profit out of the market. Do I support the unfortunately named FUV? Frankly, it doesn't matter, but businesses aren't in business to make me happy, but rather, to make as much money as they can, and satisfy their existing and potential customers.
New Driver

I hate the fact that so many of the great marques that I respected have been forced to bow to the tastes of the dimwits of the world. This is the crowning blow, that the greatest sports car builder of all time, which originally built road cars only to fund its racing programs, should feel it is necessary to create a bulbous, overweight, sad excuse for a vehicle. Why did this happen? Ferrari has no pressing need to appeal to more customers, especially customers with no taste in fine automobiles. Whoever approved this needless foray into building grocery getters for rich soccer moms should be fired immediately. The reputation of Ferrari is now forever sullied by this embarrassment.

To the true Ferrari fanatics it doesn't matter what's under the cover. You could take a Pontiac Aztec, paint it Ferrari red, rebadge it and call the new model the "Modena Fantastico". The car mag writers would swoon and Ferrari would sell a bunch of them.
Intermediate Driver

Did I miss something here ? Didn't Blll Harrah have the right idea to begin ? He created the " Jerrari ". Why not just shuffle some dollars and tech over to the other Fiat Brand Jeep, use Ferrari engines - running gear ( ala Bill Harrah ) and call it a day. Could have accomplished this one 5 accounting periods ago.