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Hagerty Employee

Ferrari's 840-hp limited-run Daytona, Shelby American's silky teaser, Honda's righteous minibikes

Intake: We didn't get a new Dino, but Ferrari has resurrected the Daytona name as the latest to join the firm's limited-run Icona series. The Daytona SP3 is a tribute to the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona, where Ferrari came in first, second, and third with the 330 P3/4, a 330 P4, and a 412 P.
Pit Crew

Ferrari is not really resurrecting the Daytona name, because they have never officially used it before. The 365 GTB/4 was not called a Daytona by Ferrari. It was the automotive press that named it that and it stuck with the rest of us,

Exactly. I was about to type that.

No electric power for China's exclusive Lincoln Zephyr -- and yet Lincoln is pushing electric cars under corporate mandate for USA? Meanwhile, China puts out more "green house gasses" than all the developed nations of the world put together (according to a BBC reported study). And when it was under Trump's leadership, America was the only developed nation to drop its "green house gasses" emissions. There's something seriously wrong with this picture in 2021.

Iso - do not infuriate our chinese overlords! They work hard to pollute the world, and it takes a lot of effort to be the world's largest polluter.
What I find hilarious is that Lincoln is even a thing in china. I would think the commie leadership would have outlawed anything named "Lincoln" - it would be like the US importing a car manufactured by "Lenin", it wouldn't fly
Intermediate Driver

I couldn’t agree more. Rules for thee, not for me.


When Ford stopped making any car besides the mustang and literally gave away their market share to the toyotas and hondas and especially kias of the world, I stopped caring about any of their "cars". So no worries on the "big" reveal on the 15th, I won't be participating.
Intermediate Driver

Ford dropped off my radar when my E-350’s 5.4 liter “engine” launched its first plug. I never gave it a chance to launch a second.

Earlier in the year, at my local machine shop, the owner pointed out the issue with the design in a customer’s cylinder head. The good news is that it’s an aluminum head. The bad news is that it has only about 4 plug threads. My granddaughter could have designed a better head.

 I called Ford corporate to complain, you can guess the response. 
No more Fords for me! And this after my family’s loyalty to the brand starting with Model A’s, flathead V-8’s, ‘49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, ‘57 Fairlane 500’s, ‘62 Econoline, ‘65 Mustang, ‘67 Cougar, ‘92 Thunderbird, ‘96 T’bird, and 2001 Focus ZX2.

I will hang onto my ‘65 Shelby CSX FIA 289 however, as I know there will be no plug launching there.

Otherwise, no more Ford products for this consumer.




Those with a suspicious bent might suggest that one of the reasons Rivian was valued so highly at its IPO was the tie-up with Ford, an actual vehicle manufacturer. So, the stock price goes up 10-fold, Ford cashes in (some of) its stake and pulls out, immediately after the IPO. (This was likely not a decision taken precipitously, so the timing is interesting). Imagine the profit protential. I am not that suspicious, but still...

Rivian needs to stay the hell away from Ford.
Lincoln's front end is almost tasteful, as opposed to the crap being made elsewhere. I'm sorry we won't see it here; we'll get the stupid SUVs instead.
The Domestic Industry has to grow up.

Daytona SP3 next to be seen on one of those Supercar Fails channels on You Tube?