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Hagerty Employee

Ferrari GTC4Lusso retires to make way for Purosangue SUV

Ferrari has given the glorious GTC4Lusso its golden watch as it prepares to release the first SUV for tifosi.


The all-wheel-drive shooting brake was a development of the FF four-seater which originally made its debut in 2011, so the platform is getting old, even if the essential idea and epic performance will never get tired. Read the full news on


Advanced Driver

I saw one of these in person recently, and it really blew me away.    OK bear with me, what if Acura/ Lexus/ Infiniti put out a car that looked JUST like this, as a 2+2, but with a naturally aspirated 315hp v-6, and 6 speed manual, 8 speed auto?  I dunno, I'm dreaming again.

Pit Crew

I love this car looks and Im sure it runs like a a dream machine. I actually have 2013 Mazda 3 Touring I model that looks very much like this Ferrari. One difference is my Mazda goes Zoom Zoom Zoom and the Ferrari goes like a Ferrari. But I can sure pretend!