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Hagerty Employee

Ferrari: don't call the new Purosangue an SUV | Hagerty Media

Ferrari insists that its upcoming all-wheel-drive crossover vehicle is not just another luxury SUV. The Purosangue will, instead, be an FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) and the latest report from magazine suggests that it will be followed by two electric models.
Intermediate Driver

That is a pathetic and sad way to try to excuse what this is: a likely ugly, stupid crossover that will attempt to use odd styling to ensure it doesn't look like a generic CUV blob, "ultra-luxury" with a high base price and zero of the standard features that you now get on a Hyundai (looking at you, Urus without adaptive cruise control in a 200K+ build), really won't have the sporting pretensions that the entire brand is and always has been based around and bought almost exclusively by absolutely garbage people
Intermediate Driver

Any time that a car maker has to say "No it's actually ______, not that _____ (that already and actually exists)" you know it's already bs. It just comes off as "An SUV?? This clearly raised crossover sized vehicle isn't an SUV, you're just stupid"
Intermediate Driver

Why did the GTC4LUSSO go gobe??