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Hagerty Employee

Fans unite to name a Nürburgring corner after Sabine Schmitz | Hagerty Media

If fans of Sabine Schmitz have their way, the "Queen of the Nürburgring" may soon receive a royal honor. A petition being circulated on aims to have a corner of the iconic German racetrack named after Schmitz, who died earlier this week. The petition, started by Dale Lomas, has more than 27,000 signatures so far.
New Driver

I don't have a bucket list, but one of the things I wanted most was to be taken around the Ring with Sabine at the wheel. I guess I'll have to wait. I know she is rocking the racetracks in heaven.
She will be missed, condolences to the family.
New Driver

Seeing her videos driving the course smiling and laughing at she slides through the turns you just want to be in the passenger seat next her sharing her excitement and enthusiasm. I'm sure I had that same look as I was flying along the Tail of the Dragon with my wife shrieking while video taping. Not often does a motorcycle move out of the way for an AWD Suv. May Sabine's brite smile rest in peace.
Intermediate Driver

She was not only a great driver, she had fun doing it. R.I.P. Sabine, Queen of Nurburgring.

Thanks for drawing my attention to the petition.
Pit Crew

If we don't honour our heroes we have indeed become very shallow people. I live in Perth Western Australia and I think Sabine Schmitz deserves recognition as did our own Peter Brock.