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Hagerty Employee

Falling off the bike can't stop Cam Petersen from scoring an epic MotoAmerica win

The 2021 MotoAmerica Superbike championship wrapped up at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama over the weekend, the first race run in a legitimate deluge. With a 20-second lead, HAGERTY-backed Suzuki rider Cameron Petersen ran over a super-slick painted line on the track's border.
Pit Crew

If you have not watched a Moto America Superbike, Stock 1000 or Super Sport race, you should. Exciting up close racing at some of the best tracks in the US. I had stopped watching any racing including GP. Then found Moto America 3 years ago. Excited about racing all over again. Great series!
Went to Road America this year. Planning on that and Barber in 2022.

My second cousin owns Altus Motorsports, with Jake Lewis and Hector Barbera riding for them this year. They put a lot of their heart and soul into this sport and watching is pretty exciting. A few years ago, she had her son Jared Nassaney (now retired from racing), take her dad (my first cousin), Mark for a backseat ride on one of their bikes. Mark (now deceased), was an elderly highly decorated Vietnam Veteran. He had been in the Special Forces in the Vietnam war, serving as a Medic and a Tunnel Rat. Needless to say, he had seen a lot of excitement in his life. However, I don't think anything had given him as much excitement as having his grandson take him for a spin on that racing bike did. The grin on that old man's face after his ride said it all. Sadly, Mark Barker passed away last year, but at least he got one more taste of real excitement in his life before he left us.
New Driver

It’s wonderful seeing Cam doing so well, the kid will make a big impact on our sport. I knew his dad Robbie when he was kicking ass in AMA F2 in the late 80s, one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Speed in in the genes for this family!