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Hagerty Employee

Exterior & Engine Cleaning a 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z432 | Beyond the Details - Ep 03

Welcome to Beyond The Details, hosted by Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours. In this series, we'll be following Tim as he travels America performing concours-level preparation to some of the rarest, most expensive and exclusive vehicles... in the world. In this episode, Tim is cleaning up an extremely unique Nissan Z, originally built for [...]
Intermediate Driver

No offense to this gentleman, but I'd wager the way he seems to "detail" a vehicle's paint finish there 'must' be oodles of spider scratches left in his wake. Microfiber cloths are not expensive and are plentiful. Why he doesn't use several as he covers a small area at a time is a mystery to me. On this particular Z car I would have gone through no fewer than a couple of dozen large clean cloths (and likely more) and a heck of a lot more spray-on detailer as lubricant. As well I would advise negligible pressure if any when lifting off the amount of dust as displayed in this particular video segment. I'm far from being labelled a pro but will admit being a total fuss pot. I've owned my fully restored Chevrolet for 8 years, never taken water to the exterior and there are 'no' spider scratches or swirl marks on any surface. Yes I do drive my car on cherry picked days and dust is an issue where I live in Calgary Alberta (big time).