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Hagerty Employee

Exclusive: We track Ford's electric '70s pickup, and it's fantastic

Ever since Ford debuted its electric-powered 1978 F100 concept at SEMA 2021, I've been itching to get behind the wheel. Considering it is scheduled to make a number of auto show appearances throughout 2022, I figured the odds were slim I'd get the chance any time soon, if at all.
Intermediate Driver

Interesting article - now if only I could find a rust free bed for my 71 F250....

I'd rather see a Coyote motor in that thing. Looks nice otherwise.

Hmm it says "Integrating a modern vehicle’s infotainment, dash, and steering column into a classic vehicle is not easy, let alone an electric vehicle’s controller and its associated software." Why? It is a matter a space - most of the electronics should fit in the engine compartment with the appropriate wiring harness (which could be design in an AutoCAD program to exact dimensions need to run to the dash which also could be designed by computer.
Pit Crew

Retro styling won't make me excited about EV's. Nice thought experiment by Ford tho.
Intermediate Driver

Nice piece. But is it me or does the bed have a little rake in it (doesn't seem to line up with the body lines from the cab forward)?

Boy, I bet that would be a sweet little runner with a nice big V8 in it.
New Driver

I wonder if this is made to haul heavy loads. I'm thinking not since it's lowered. Not sure what the point of customizing a truck is if it can't haul anything. To me most of the vehicle is unusable. Although, I do love customized trucks and the work put into them, this one isn't very pretty. Great article, thanks!
Advanced Driver

But-Looking around today probably 80% of New trucks sold Never haul anything heavier than a fridge or some home improvement supplies- they drive by farms & construction site--not in them-Way too fancy (inside & out) & too Expensive to actually use them for Work-

Nice truck. Good article.