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EVs: The inadequate substitute

Coming soon to a dealership (or driveway via “disruptive” direct sales) near you, from the people who brought you plant-based “meats” and water-soluble cardboard straws, it is electric performance cars! They are monstrously quick off the line and are even making tremendous strides in the field of hero laps. And yet, just as "vurgers" and paper straws have struggled for footing with people who care about trivial things like how their food tastes or the structural integrity of their drinking implements, EVs haven’t been able to make many inroads with serious drivers.


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New Driver

How is this piece of garbage even on here? Just because it's an opinion means it doesn't need any proofreading? Spelling and grammatical errors aren't even common in blogposts now. There's excessive use of quotation marks as well. This is barely middle school level writing with arguments of a car enthusiast who has never properly driven an EV before.


Well let’s get some things here into better perspective. 

#1 I bleed gasoline so I have a deep love for ICE and I make my living in Racing.


Now to the reality. 

#2 It is early in the EV game but they are improving faster and will continue to improve fast in coming years.


#3 no they are not for everyone now and may not be in the future.


#4 according to the interviews with engineers at the automakers and GMthey have plans for ICE till 2050. They don’t expect ICE to be in the minority of sales till 2030 at the earliest. 

#5 While EV cars are not totally for enthusiast they do fit the life style of most average buyers. Range is getting better and prices are coming down on batteries. Once they get batteries that charge in the time of a fill of gas every gestation will have an electric island. 

#6 yes they are appliance like but so are 80# of the vehicles sold today. 

#7 regulations are driving this in many places. You need to offer EV or you lose sales.


#8 One thing many discount here is as with many electronic they are expensive when introduced but become cheaper as the technology trickles down. Also these vehicles will in time be cheaper to develop short time to design and test, need shorter production lines and less people to assemble.  Finally no regulations for emissions to deal with. This all leads to increased profits and possible cheaper vehicle prices in the future on some models. 

Most people today just want affordable cars, safe  cars and reliable cars. EV models will do that. 

There will be performance but not like what most like. It will be fast but you will lack that sound feel and smell of the traditional performance car. The kind of things Rush sang about in Red  Barchetta. They will lack soul. It is kind of like simulating a guitar on a keyboard. 

as for weight it is low in most applications and actually helps the vehicle handle better. 

I have driven electric and even a GM hydrogen car. They work. If you love vehicles no they are not exciting in the traditional ways but they are the way forward for the auto industry to survive. 

Most automakers are dying. Stocks are down, development cost get higher and higher so something has to give. GM has benefitted by being seen as a move from old time automaker to a new tech company image. 

We will see changes too in how auto’s are made. Not all companies outsideGM, VW and Toyota can foot the bills in the future. Other automakers will either merge, partner or go away. GM already had Honda join them for the tech they have and others will come. The Ford Mach E was photographed at the GM proving grounds so some unofficial deal is going on there. Ford is also working with VW and Another EV maker. 

GM may sell or license their tech as like others. Some companies may do most of the design work while other just do the mfg. Apple designs phones but the mfg none. Cars could be built like other electronics. 

All I can say is just sit back pull the straps tight and hang on as the only sure things here is we will see more changes in the next 20 years than we saw in the last 100. 


My biggest two complaints regarding EV, is being forced to buy something that isn't ready, and you don't need to sell hundreds of thousands of something to, "test it". We can also dance around the battery limitations and recharge times forever, but it's still DOA as a general replacement for ICs until something yet unknown is invented. Kind of promising to "get a handle on" or, "control" the 'rona, when we all know it's BS until a vaccine that works is invented. If you'll excuse me now, I have to get back to changing the menus and re-arranging the deck chairs on the you know what. 😉

Hagerty Fan
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Commiefornia goes carbon neutral with a massive charging infrastructure consisting of solar panels and wind turbines. Guess you could drive to and from work for a week and trickle charge the week after cause a trickle is all your gonna get.

Advanced Driver

I thought this was a very good article. Yes, it's an "opinion" piece, and I think these articles have a place here.


I also happen to agree with the author.