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Everybody needs a “Bob the Engine Guy” in their lives

My friend Bob the Airplane-engine Guy got his training at Rolls-Royce, back when the apprentices were still learning on war-era Merlin V-12s pulled from a pile of weedy WWII Spitfires in the back of the lot. Fluke circumstances found him carrying rifles in Northern Ireland and southern Africa, then he ended up in America with his own engine shop. Nowadays, he works out of a packed but meticulously organized hangar in Southern California, where he keeps a dry-erase board with a running total of the number of engines he’s personally overhauled. Currently, he’s at 1786.


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Hagerty Employee

Great piece

Hagerty Employee

Great piece. I could not agree more as learning from a book or Youtube video will only get you so far. One thing I've done that has helped is to offer to pay a "tutoring" fee to some of the experts who are willing to make house calls.