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Hagerty Employee

Even on the auto-show floor, VW's quirky ID. Buzz brings out your inner kid

It's the Mystery Machine!" shouted Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest when they saw Volkswagen's new ID. Buzz. The affably cartoonish prototype, revealed last month, made the rounds in New York over this weekend-first on Seacrest's morning show, then at the 2022 New York Auto Show (NYAS).
Advanced Driver

Are the pictures here of the short or the long wheelbase? Is the long wheelbase similar in interior size to a Transit Connect or to a Metris?

Nice except for that unnecessary and distracting front grill.
New Driver

It's good to see VW vans going back to rear wheel drive. As the owner of one of the last year of rear-engined, rear wheel drive vans imported into North America - a 1991 VW Vanagon, Weekender edition, I'm looking forward to seeing what 33 years of change have wrought in the world of truly cool, VW vans.
Plus, being used to driving with just 90 horsepower to motivate 3600 pounds of van, that 201 HP engine sounds sweet! I believe that's literally five times the horsepower of the orginal T1 van (though it was a lot lighter than the Buzz or the Vanagon).
Pit Crew

Like the Maverick, the Hyundai “elCamino”, and all such USA “ marketable” offerings;
the American version will NOT fit in my garage.

The EU version is perfect, a two door Maverick would be great, but No!
Its gotta be BIG to make it in the states. VW discontinued the Alltrac wagon, that still sells like hotcakes in Europe, here in the states a couple years ago! It was too small.

Is there a study somewhere that proves the EU Buzz won’t sell here?
I am fairly certain that when they stretch it to fit American egos and eating habits, it will be off my list. A Euro-version, I’d buy right now.