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Hagerty Employee

Even in quarantine, there’s plenty to keep car enthusiasts busy

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I mean, it’s spring, we’re car nuts, and we can’t drive. I’m thinking of that scene in Tropic Thunder where Jack Black has his companions tie him to a tree so he won’t ingest all the heroin in Southeast Asia.


OK, maybe that’s an overstatement. The “can’t drive” part. I guess it depends on a combination of local guidelines and common sense. I live in a leafy suburb of Boston. I can head west, cross I-95, and be on stress-busting rural roads in 10 minutes, and I do so, in the Lotus Europa or the BMW 2002tii, as often as I can.


But that’s just a taste. It’s driving season.


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I'm 87, on a farm in central MN, a shift fork broke in my Model A tranny and did damage so found another then pulled the engine, then the tranny.  I've put in all new bearings in this 'new' tranny, cleaned up and painted everything so soon as the last batch of parts from Snyder's shows we'll finish the work then get the tranny back in, then the engine.   Couldn't have come at a better time, little else to do and plenty of wood on hand for the shop stove, this is not the time to be sitting around, let's get some work done and quit the complaining.

Cheers ....

Pit Crew

You’re right about the drive Rob, I don’t want to go anywhere further than a pleasant walk home. 

Advanced Driver

I belong to a New England club that, in addition to serious track events, also does birthday parades.  With everyone stuck at home, it is rewarding to provide a celebration for a young, budding car nut.  And the drive to and from locations all over New England satisfies the personal need to drive, and is supported by State Patrol escorts and even the occasional newspaper article.  We had over 100 cars for this parade, and 160 for the previous one.