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Hagerty Employee

Even after a fire destroyed his Michigan workshop, this renowned woody wagon restorer isn't quitting

When fire swept through Mike Nickels' automotive woodworking shop over the Labor Day weekend, he wasn't the only one who suffered a devastating loss. The classic car community did, too. Nickels is a nationally renowned craftsmen of car bodies for late 1920s to early '50s woody wagons, having restored and remade more than 100 of them since 1972.

Tragic. Probably has to rebuild everything - materials, notes & blueprints, tools, etc from memory.
Intermediate Driver

I think that one of the worst parts is the loss of all the wood patterns that Mike has made over the years that cover all that he restorations that he has crafted. To make these over again will take years, unless he has some squirreled away, which is not probable. Kudos to him for not quitting, and going forward after such a tragedy. Insurance can help in rebuilding, but what has been destroyed is irreplaceable, including the car(s) that were being restored at the time. Blessings on him and his wife at this time of need.
New Driver

I was at work on April 24, 2018 when somebody came rushing in to tell me my house was on the news and burning up. I checked my cell phone and the police had called me several times. I returned the call and the officer said to come home right away but to please drive slowly.
When I got there it was halfway gone with six fire trucks and many men working feverishly but to no avail. I lost everything, my vintage Corvette, my Night train Harley, even my low mileage F-150 extended cab with an 8'bed, all my tools and my workshop too.
When something like this happens, life changes forever.

Whew- man, I am so sorry for your loss.

So sad! My best wishes to him and his family. Hopefully he can recover enough to keep going as he wishes.