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Hagerty Employee

Euro rewind: Renault Megane R26R vs. Megane RS Trophy R

Hatches have got hotter. Lap times have tumbled, and Nürburgring records swap between car makers like hot potatoes. Arguably the car that first escalated this arms race was the 227-hp Renault Megane R26R of 2008, and it’s a race that continues with the latest 300-hp Megane RS Trophy R. Separated by over a decade of progress, how do these two rapid Renaults compare today?


It’s a question we set out to answer in the best way possible: bringing the two together for some turbocharged action on the wonderfully open stretches of tarmac that make their way across the U.K.’s Salisbury Plain.


One is brand-new and crammed full with the latest technical wizardry, a car very much born of the digital age. The other has a dozen years behind it and is well qualified for future classic status. When push comes to shove, and you cut to the core of this French duo, which does the best job of leaving drivers with a smile on their face and skip in their step?


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