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“Ernest” did a lot, and he also drove a twin-turbo turbo DeLorean

“Know what I mean, Vern?” If you’re of a certain age, you did know what Ernest P. Worrell meant. Even if your name wasn’t Vern. A staple of 1980s entertainment, Ernest bumbled across the movie screen and into our hearts, going to camp (1987), jail (1990), saving Christmas (1988), and getting scared stupid (1991). Jim Varney, who played Ernest, was a box office hit. So what did one of the biggest movie stars of the ’80s drive? That’s right, a DeLorean DMC-12. A rather special one, at that.


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What should also have been mentioned was Jim would get into his "Ernest" costume and go to visit children in hospitals. He rally cared about the kids and took the time to help them feel better.


I had never been a big fan of the movies but the time he took for children makes him a hero in my book.


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