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Hagerty Employee

Eric Seltzer’s $6000 Lamborghini Miura

My friend Rick Jackson and I were buying and selling import sports cars in Los Angeles. Rick found and bought the vehicles, and I cleaned, serviced, and sold them in the Los Angeles Times classifieds. He found this Miura in Chicago and purchased it. The previous owner had disassembled it, then lost interest and wanted to sell. He was asking a firm $6000. Read the full article on



Johnny G

Boston Ma


Well, not that cheap or extraordinary given the fact that inflation adjusted 6k USD of 1972 is something like $37k in today money. $10k of 74' is about 52k adjusted. Given that Lambo brand name was not what it is now that's OK. You can buy a "disassembled" (thought it could be more of a "Rapid Unscheduled" type 🙂 ) Lambo today for kinda the same money on a car auction. And even sell it for way more than 52k. There is a lot of potentially collectible cars of the future right now waiting to be picked up for 10-20k. And there is chances in 50 years they will cost north of 1M inflation adjusted. The thing is to identify them. And's totally different story 🙂 

Intermediate Driver

Back in the mid to late 70's a lot of what are now investment grade cars needing a bit of cleanup were affordable.  I picked up a 68 Shelby GT-350 and an E-Type roadster for $2,500 each.  At the time, I was just a college age kid taking a year here and there to work, but could see the potential.  Had to sell the GT-350 after getting married for garage space, but have had the Jag ever since...

Hagerty Employee

the miura has such a timeless shape.


Miura & Muria'S'

one of the Great Italian cars

Preferred it over the Countach [& all of its offspring]

which are still being re-modeled / re-named "to date"

"none are worthy"