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Engine revolution: Mazda’s rotary and its uncertain future

Conventional gas and diesel engines do a commendable job serving car and truck owners’ needs, but futurists insist that electric motors will eventually supplant them as the power source of choice. Some 50 years ago, a similar situation cropped up: Mazda’s ultrasmooth rotary engine had bright hopes of sending pistons the way of the buggy whip. With Mazda celebrating its 100th birthday this year, what better time to toast the brand’s most ambitious technical stride?


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If any one commenting wants to see where the rotary is strong then look no further than drag racing in Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand. !3B motors running 6.5 seconds in the quarter being fed a large amount of methanol with the help of massive 90+mm turbochargers. The rotary engine lives on strong and it has revered status for some. I own two and if I had the room for more cars, I would definitely own an Rx2 and a 3rd gen Rx7 with a 3 rotor swap for fun street use.