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Hagerty Employee

Ending the storage shell game and searching for car-centric property | Hagerty Media

I have a pretty good life here in Newton, Massachusetts. We moved here in 1991 to be near family and take advantage of some of the best public schools in the country. It's close to Boston, but there's it's clean and safe, and there's ample room to walk around.

That’s a spectacular property, but the owners may have trouble selling because the Car Barn only appeals to people like us. Join me out in beautiful Western North Carolina where you can drive fantastic roads year round with our mild four season weather. The real estate here can be cheap, so I have an idea of what you could do with your leftover equity LOL. I’m about 50 miles north east of the BMW plant.
Pit Crew

Great article. Something to consider is how far you are from the stores you need. Not good if you need to drive 45 minutes to pickup some zip ties or a gallon of milk. I suggest looking towns or small cities that have what you need and then work out from the build-up areas to find the type of property you need. We are in Ohio and 5 minutes south is Lowe's, NAPA, AutoZone, big grocery stores etc. 5 minutes north you are out in the country. We live next door to a vineyard. Also, for me it is more about driving than storing. Here where I live it is cold in the winter but we have a lot of dry days so my old Jaguars get properly excerciced year round. A typical Saturday we will take one out for a spirited 50 mile drive on twisty country roads. BTW, around here we call the metal buildings "pole barns". Lots of companies that will build one any size you want quite reasonably. Good luck in your search.