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Elevated EQC is an amazing all-terrain EV with portal axles

Mercedes has turned its first all-electric SUV into an extreme off-roader. The EQC 4×4² is a one-off experiment to prove that electric drive works in all conditions, not just the urban jungle ... Read the full news on


Replies (1)

Replies (1)

Look at a map at plugshare and you might find what I've seen.  Virtually no public chargers to speak of outside of major cities and towns in Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Kansas, New Mexico, etc etc.  I have an 84 mile range commuter EV and in winter, I won't even drive it to the nearest public charger 20 miles away but only charge it from home.  I'm not sure this EV will work well for people in fly-over country, but probably is only useful for folks in Europe with much closer proximity between "boondocks" and "cities".  I remember seeing a Tesla up top of Glacier National Park which sat for days.  I think the owner had to have it taken away as he or she had completely depleted the battery getting up the mountain.... what happens in the middle of nowhere when tow trucks refuse to go more than 75' off paved roads?   

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