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Hagerty Employee

Electrify your classic Mini with this $10K EV swap kit

Converting a classic from gas to EV juice is no stroll down Abbey Road. Luckily for Mini fanatics, the pathway to do so just got a whole lot easier. Enter the Classic Mini Kit from Swindon Powertrain, an affordable EV powertrain conversion package for the DIY-inclined.


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Does the kit include a battery at $10k, doesn't read like that.

Community Manager

It does not, from the article and that battery pack is not cheap. I wonder how many buyers want to frankenstein their own using used batteries from a junker/insurance write off vs. getting new stuff from the vendor. Here's the breakdown: 

EV extras are available for builders seeking to go the distance with Swind products (prices are converted from BPS): a 12-kWh battery pack (~$20,800), motor controller kit (~$5000) and charger/DC-DC converter kit (~$2500).



Interesting, what would it cost to simply replace an original engine that had grenaded or was otherwise unsuitable for a rebuild, with a new/rebuilt one? Depending on the total cost after installation, and location of batteries regarding safety, appearance and affect on interior space, it sounds like there may be a willing market for this. Are there lots of rust-free original Minis still out there?


So the real cost of this kit is $38,300.00 plus tax. Hmm. Makes a Hayabusa swap look much more appealing. And you get great noise!

New Driver

Why is Hagerty pushing for the desecration of classic cars? This must be the 2nd or 3rd story you’ve run on EV swaps. What about telling your readers to rebuild the IC engines in their classics rather than ruin the cars’ originality? Upside is you can actually take them on a classic rally without having to stop for hours to charge.


Almost $40,000 to ruin your Mini. Fabulous. 


Replying here to a comment above due to a glitch.


Desecration? It's a machine, not a ritual object. Cars are a hobby, not a religion.


The conversion appears to be completely reversible, at least the drivetrain is, and as long as no sheet metal is cut to fit the battery pack, there shouldn't be any issue.
One of the founders of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg club was an engineer who owned a Cord 810 convertible. As cool a car as the Cord was, it wasn't perfect, so over the years he made modifications to improve on design flaws. They were all reversible and all marked with red paint, so a later owner could replace them with original parts (which he, of course, kept). Now Cords are a lot rarer than Minis.


This is no worse than putting a modern LS or LT V8 in a '55 Chevy. The car hobby has a big garage, big enough for completely original condition vehicles, survivors, 100 point restorations, and restomods alike.

Community Manager

This comment is golden.
Pit Crew

An interesting side note to this story.  Way back when, must have been 1970 or so, I as an engineering student went to the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) convention in Chicago.  At the GM display they had a small concept electric car (imagine that then) on display.  It was a working concept car, with front wheel drive module under the hood.  I actually had a Mini at the time, and immediately recognized that GM, the automotive engineering powerhouse, had pulled the front sub-frame from a BMC Austin Mini, added an electric motor much as shown in the picture here, built a car around it and presented it as their latest and greatest idea. 


And to the other comments, I again have a classic Mini, 1967 Cooper S, being rebuilt as original.  Including devising a way to recover and repair the original Hydrolastic Suspension system. It was a good idea then and remains a good idea.


All t'same to the green crowd... I'll instead keep using my car with same gas engine, less than two-buck gas ??...  I can buy a LOT for ten grand and ... electric power is not free, I can't see where you'd save a thin dime, bottom line IS total cost ... is it not ? ....

New Driver may still be available.
Pit Crew