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Electricity brews at Dodge, rare AJS Porcupine eyes auction record, a guide to Maserati trims | Hagerty Media

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Intake: This summer's return of Roadkill Nights at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, is exciting in its own right, but the rumor that Dodge is planning to tease something big on July 8 has us even more pumped.

So the only question I have is is he maser engine going to be their own design or is it the last of the Ferrari engines? If it is the NEW maser engine, and they are are charging even more than they did with the Ferrari engines, this will be the end of maser.
Intermediate Driver

If you base a typical Tesla to a comparable gas powered car as a guide you'd have to pass a "Top Gun" training course to see if you can pass a G-Force test without passing out when driving an electric powered Challenger muscle car compared to a Hellcat or Demon.
Pit Crew

EV versions of a muscle car?? Sorry, not interested. If I have to explain why then you just don't understand what a muscle car is all about.

I guess "new design language" doesn't mean what it used to.
Volvo: "We're giving you a free hand to come up with a brand new design."
Design Team: "Let's smooth out a Porsche Cayenne!"

I'm interested to know the life expectancy of the batteries needed to power these current hungry monsters Chrysler and Ford are trying to sell the public. Certainly charge life can't be long enough to endure any road course of over 2 hrs with the current demands required for an EV race car. Maybe red flag race intermission for charging? What kind of crowd is going to put up with that? Not me, you can be sure! It's not like you can visit pit road and filler up with current in seconds. Race an hour and filler up for an hour. Ya, that's how I'd want to spend my day at the races. Guess you could catch up with some needed sleep while your there.

So that new EV you will consider purchasing is a complex software managed computer network on wheels. But unlike conventional computer networks, where large customes can demand that vendors put the software code in escrow to protect access in the case that the vendor withdraws support or goes out of business, you have utterly no protection when an automaker ends support, which can occur in as little as five years after model production ceases. Car manufacturers refuse to release software code to independent third parties to enable aftermarket support. The industry is intentionally obsoleting vehicles far before the end of their useful life and our goverment intentionally looks the other way. Not a pretty picture.

electric Automobiles have an important Place in our Modern world However real Cars (especially inthe Racing World) are made up of Three Major Componants: Looks, Performance, and Sound