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Electric truck maker interested in idled GM Lordstown plant | Hagerty Media

After President Donald Trump boasted about the news on Twitter, General Motors' CEO Mary Barra today confirmed in a statement that the automaker is negotiating to sell its idled Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant to the Workhorse Group. Cincinnati-based Workhorse plans to make its W-15 range-extended electric pickup truck at the factory, which is located west of Cleveland.

And the reason for a two year old story? 

This deal was based on the MFG winning the Postal truck contract.. they did not get it so the odds are they will not have a clear future. 

Few people are shocked here. 

On the other hand the new Battery plant GM is building is getting near completion and will be a big boost for jobs in an area that local politicians have left to rot. 

They may need more jobs soon if the present administration kills fracking. 

Due to past history of unions in this area companies are reluctant to come into the area vs the south. Fair no but their house rep Tim Ryan has done nothing to change this view. 

Community Manager

This article was written in May 2019, our Community publishing bot is just playing catch up.