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Elbows out: Houston birthed the slabs, a car culture of its own

Editor's note: When this was published in last month's issue of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, we received quite a few letters from people who felt that we were pushing a particular agenda. As the author of this piece, let me assure you that we have no such intentions.
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New Driver

As someone who grew up with hip-hop and now has an extensive classic car collection, I loved the article. The wheel pokes are dumb and a little dangerous, but are they any worse than Boomers throwing late-60s muscle cars around on the highway with inadequate drum brakes and no power steering? Come on guys.

Don't forget the 500hp crate motor and aftermarket suspension made in China...
Intermediate Driver

Do you know of any way to ensure that I don't get any email updates from anything that Jack or Sajeev publish? And do you have any eye bleach recommendations? Seriously, Hagerty is no place for this bull**bleep**. And there IS an agenda here. These cars are illegal and I hope to watch them all get put in a crusher some day.

For what it's worth, I hope they are all eventually restored to the condition they were in when they left the showroom.

As a Certified Glock Armorer since 1993 and a fan of each one of our readers, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the article.

These seem like cool dudes and I would brave the suspicious looks to crash their car show. These men and their flamboyant American full sizers are more free than the gatekeepers tied to their post can ever hope to be.
Intermediate Driver

Sorry, I just don't get it.

I'm commenting only to say I enjoyed the story. I learned something new. I will also keep an eye out for flush-mount Cadillac headlamps when I go to junkyards. Kudos to Sajeev and Jack, two of my Hagerty favorites. And I just made $8300 on your employer's IPO.

If it's necessary to leave a personal opinion, I'll just say the wheels aren't my thing. Neither are BMWs but I read those articles as well. In fact, if I could return the cars to stock condition, I'd prefer them over much of what the angriest commenters probably own. I can guarantee no one in this article is my worst enemy, nor the hobby's worst enemy. So I'll save my vitriol for nameless, faceless string-pullers who would prefer that I "own nothing and be happy".

Intermediate Driver

I posted my original feedback 4 weeks ago. On Christmas Eve I connected with my nephew, Noah. I was nearly 40 when he was born. He's a young graphic designer now and drives a '65 Ford F100. We discussed the slabs in Houston. It was refreshing to realize his excitement over this unknown-to-us car culture. I also showed him that awesome custom Mercury coming up for auction this month in Kissimmee. I connected with my nephew. Cars can do that. So can open minds. And kindness. Makes an aunt proud.
ps. I am taken aback with the very negative feedback.
Hagerty Action Item: Add a "Don't Like" thumb down feature in Comments.
Intermediate Driver

What a fantastic article! I feel privileged to have been given a glimpse into a car scene I’ve never heard of before. Excellent writing, with wonderful clarity on the cars, the men who mod them, and the culture they’ve created. More. Please.
Advanced Driver

A new take on "curb feelers"!
Intermediate Driver

Perhaps Guns and Ammo could do a follow up to this article describing the preferred handguns of these gentlemen.
I don't recall the last time there was a murder at a Cars and Coffee because someone coveted a set of BBS RSII wheels.
New Driver

Sure enough just like so many could have predicted the Eldows Out Cadillac was in a car crash because of its wheels. It opened up the other car like a can opener destroying the car it hit. Why would Hagerty promote such a dangerous feature which I sure encourged others to do the same? Can you even imagine the lawsuit Hagerty will be dealing with when a pedestrian along side the road is killed because of you promoting such a thing.. It's was almost like looking to balance the race of your readers by giving in to such a thing!!!