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Elantra N packs 286 hp, Pininfarina reinvents the car door, all hail Valhalla | Hagerty Media

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Intake: After much teasing and hyping, the Hyundai Elantra N is here. Joining the sensational Veloster N and higher-riding Kona N, the Elantra N is the first U.S.-market sedan for the young performance sub-brand.

The HHR SS I had was this over 13 years ago, 290 HP at 23 PSI of boost. 13 second quarter times and more torque than the front wheels could use. It could do 160+. 


Note I was not an HHR fan but after a test drive I had to have it to drive. I will never forget the look the guy in the Mustang that I kept up with. He stopped and asked me what did I have! 


Shame Chevy never used it in a AWD BU at some point. 


I had the GM Performance division tune and suspensions and they were great. It made going stupid fast feel slow. 


So many missed opportunities by so many companies anymore. 


I know boring cars pay the bills hence Toyota but I wish they could throw us a few bones. 


"...differential s standard..."?

well at least somenody is still making cars.....