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Hagerty Employee

Edsel's Fords finally come home

Henry and Clara Ford had only one child, their son Edsel, whom Henry alternately doted on and kept under his thumb. Henry made Edsel president of Ford Motor Company in 1919, when Edsel was just 25 years old, but he personally destroyed the prototype when Edsel tried to restyle the Model T.
Pit Crew

Ronnie Schreiber:
I saw this very car being driven in a short film clip (from the fifties) on a California highway. I was researching Edsel and his speedsters as part of a book that I wrote on speedsters and came across that segment.
If you are interested in the link to that film clip, please contact me through my Hagerty account. Excellent article!
Ronald Sieber

I have often wondered where Ford would have been today had Edsel lived to a ripe old age. HF I and HFII had little styling taste or desire. Edsel had a good eye and had a good judgment for quality designers. It was those he left behind that led to the cars that mattered to Ford later on.

I recall seeing the Speedster growing up in black and white photos. One day I wondered onto the show field at the Glenmoore Concourse and there was the Speedster in living color making a visit to Canton Ohio from its home in Michigan. It was a delight.

Ford just lacked a Harley Earl that was forceful enough to push many designs through so many good designs got left behind. But some did get through and we are better for them today. But it was those mistakes in between that just never worked. Once in the 70's and 80's most companies struggled with down sizing and Ford was no exception.
Sadly design is just not what it was due to down sizing. Aero effects and the want more for utility vs style.
There are a few exceptions like the Bentley GT and a few others.
I always said a well designed car is one where you want to wash it by hand and feel the panels and the shape. A good design is something you feel inside and it makes you excited. I get that way when I see a 250 Lusso. I could sit and study the body lines and how they all merge.