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Hagerty Employee

E-Ray-ly quiet Corvette spied, McFly back to the future, Antarctica-bound Porsche on skids

Intake: Spy shooters have caught a rather quiet Corvette driving around the roads outside GM's Nürburgring Test Center. The camouflaged car makes almost no noise at low speed, suggesting it's the long-rumored E-Ray version. Seen alongside is the upcoming Z06 which is considerably louder thanks to its flat-plane crank 5.5-liter V-8 derived from that of the C8.R race car.

I think everyone wanted the '85 Toyota SR5 pickup or configured theirs to look like that one back in the 80's.

As for the Bolt, that is obviously a terrible situation to be in but they have to make it right or no one is going to forgive them. For some it's already too late.

If you want to go and spy new vettes being tested, go to Keystone CO. That is where they tested the first mid engine cars, and I don't know why they wouldn't test the other models there as well, especially if the new one is AWD.....

Matt they test globally. They do Colorado for high altitude testing. Death Valley for hot testing. Canada and northern Michigan for cold and Germany for suspension calibration. 

They also do a lot of road testing in southern Ohio. 

Each site offers different conditions that customers will find depending on where they live. 

GM tested the 1984 C4 only at the Mesa test track and Michigan test track and the Z51 suspension was horrid on rough roads because it never really saw real world roads till the press got their hands on it. They found the shocks were too stiff and replaced them for 1985. 


Each Bolt comes standard with a bag of Marshmallows in the trunk. Why spend the time and money for the camouflage job? Everyone knows it's the C8 with that ugly side scoop and the humpback rear fender.