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Hagerty Employee

Dustin Hoffman's Rain Man Buick Roadmaster is ready for its next Cruise

You don't have to be an excellent driver to own the 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible from Rain Man. Excellent credit, on the other hand-now, that's a must. The beautiful Buick, which played a central role in the 1988 Academy Award-winning film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise as brothers Raymond and Charlie Babbitt, will cross the block on January 27 at Bonhams' Scottsdale auction.

Beautiful car, to bad it is out of my toy car price range.

Just by coincidence, ran across a 1/18 scale model of this exact car, down to the color yesterday while picking up a chair we were having re-caned. And here it shows up today! While I was in high school in about 1960, my best friend had one of these in white, with the ugliest sheet metal tail fins welded on you ever saw. I loved it! His dad didn't -- said it was a gas hog. Made him sell it and he bought a TR-3A instead. One extreme to the other.

The car looks great. The interior is gorgeous.
Advanced Driver

Twelve minutes to Wapner, twelve minutes to Wapner!

This brought back memories of going to see that movie. If it crosses the block at the estimate that will be fair, the car needs a bit of work here and there and it all looks like it would be fun to finish up. I have a feeling that this car is going to end up going for way too much and end up not being finished up and cleaned up.
New Driver

Great article and brings back great memories of the movie. I knew that Wayne Carini had the car from the movie, but had no idea that there were 2 and that Dustin Hoffman owned it. Great stuff! Look forward to following the auction results!
Pit Crew

Great movie and the car definitely stole the show. Having grown up in Cincinnati, I recognized many of the scenes.
Dustin Hoffman made a wise investment way back then and I’m glad to know that someone next in line will get to enjoy the car. Maybe they’ll drive it across the country too, lol.
Advanced Driver

If George Bailey's Dodge is worth a half-million dollars, then this car should easily sell for $800k!
New Driver

I saw the other car at Wayne Corini's F 40 a few years ago. His story that after painting it he brought it back to Leviston who told him to leave it in a garage. The garage had a dirt floor. He wouldn't leave it so he brought it back and keep it at F40.