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Hagerty Employee

Ducati debuts lighter, faster Monster for 2021

Ducati’s best-selling bike, the Monster, will come with more power and less weight for its next generation.


First launched in 1993, the Monster has sold more than 350,000 units thanks to its recipe of a big-twin motor, superbike frame, and naked styling.


For 2021 the Monster gets a bigger 937cc Testastretta twin-cylinder engine that weighs five pounds less than its 821cc predecessor and delivers a meatier 111 hp at 9250 rpm. The motor is tuned for improved torque across the rev range and is mated to a new gearbox with Quick Shift as standard ... Read the full news on


Advanced Driver

Nice Bike, but not digging the big ass radiator. "Naked Bike" to me means air cooling without all the paraphernalia. 

New Driver

I miss the trellis frame and simplicity of air cooling.  Every year I think I should upgrade my 2002 Monster and every year Ducati evolves further beyond the original concept.  The monster has less to differentiate itself from bikes like the Yamaha MT series.


I agree with the two comments, below. (And I love my ‘05 S2R Monster.) But the premise of the Galluzzi designed original was a Superbike frame with a Super Sport engine. That’s what this new one is.
New Driver

I have a conventional little monster in the classic style which I absolutely love - red trellis frame, air cooled, desmo two-valver, and no rider aids (though its missing a dry clutch). I'm old and enjoy things from simpler times. But like Drhino says, the new monster is true to the original concept (contemporary frame and engine designs) so no fault for staying current. Would be interesting to go forward a few decades and see what the long term opinions are.
New Driver

I love the Monster, and in 2011 (after 11 years of wanting one) I finally found and purchased my dream bike: a 2005 S2R800 Monster, black w/tangerine red. I'm positive this new one would be super fun to ride, but that tank makes her look like a hunchback. I will forever love the original styling, and when I get too old to ride, I think Letizia's fluids will be drained, and she will become a trophy for my living room. I never want to get rid of her.