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Driving the Pontiac prototype that inspired the Stingray

Cruising along Chicago streets in this stunning Pontiac sports car and looking over a front-end landscape so curvaceous it could wear a Prancing Horse badge, I find it impossible to imagine that any automotive executive would think this prototype was a bad idea. But that’s just what happened in 1966 to the XP-833, a car so admired inside General Motors that the people who created it could not obey the order to destroy it. In a town full of “could have been” stories, the Pontiac XP-833 stands out as one of the most gut-wrenching. After decades of admiring it, I’m actually behind the wheel.


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You may want to change the title of the article. The dates listed in the article are 1966. The sting ray was on the streets in fall of '62. Designer Larry Shinoda sketches of the prototypes were dated '59. So maybe you might change the headline to StingRay influenced the Pontiac