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Hagerty Employee

Drive-thru car show raises $16K, keeps California Route 66 Museum afloat through 2020

The California Route 66 Museum has received a reprieve. Closed by California’s second statewide shutdown since the coronavirus pandemic began and facing permanent closure due to a lack of funds, the non-profit museum has received a much-needed financial boost from the collector car community.


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"... is located about 85 miles west of Los Angeles..." 


Is the museum in the Pacific Ocean?  That would explain the need for additional funding. 

Community Manager

Fixing that now! 

Pit Crew

it says before you criticize! 


Well, they have to mop the floors once in a while and the desert is low on water. 


You misread the story, it says;  is located about 85 miles EAST of Los Angeles and 100 miles FROM THE WESTERN end of Route 66 in Santa Monica

Pit Crew

Great news, I am a 66 devotee and always dreamed of driving my Deuce coupe from Chicago to LA but never did before I sold it.

Pit Crew

These employees must be doing this for the love of the museum. It certainly doesn't pay much, even in the best of times.

Pit Crew

We've driven the entire route from Chicago to Santa Monica.  A group of 4 couples in classic cars...took five years and three separate trips but we made it!  Glad to see the car community in CA is supporting one of the great road trip adventures.